Friday, April 12, 2013

This Week

1. Matthew has not had a soccer game in 3 weeks – rescheduled due to rain or wet fields.  At this rate, his soccer season will last through the summer.  Oh well.

2.Michael had his game Saturday night and his team won 2-5.  Go Solar!  We went to Spring Creek Barbeque for dinner and it was good.  Love the rolls-hot and buttery goodness.

3. M and I took Michael and his buddy Daniel to the Rangers game Sunday night.  They played the LA Angels and won 7-3.  We got to see lots of homerun hits (3 from Rangers’ player, not sure if Angels’ player had any).  
We had yummy food and Michael ate lots of shrimps.  Yes, it was a school night, but we thought it would be OK to be irresponsible and make it a special night for Michael.  Matthew decided not to go because he “would be bored out of my mind.”  Exact words.  I kid you not. He stayed home with Mark and Sarah.

4. This week has gone by pretty quickly.  M is starting to travel for work again. So...scheduling is like putting puzzle pieces together.

5. Yesterday morning, after the kids got on the bus to go to school, I signed, and said our neighbor (who was there to see his kiddos off to school as well), “Another day,” like I was dreading it. In fact, I was dreading having to make my long commute to work.  And he said “yes, another BEAUTIFUL day.”  It took me off guard, but he was right.  It IS another beautiful day and I’m lucky to be able to say that. I was too busy focusing on all the “stuff” that I need to get done instead of rejoicing in the all beautiful moments that the day will bring.

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