Monday, April 15, 2013

Another Beautiful Weekend!

What a perfect weekend!  We had the perfect Spring weather after the cold spell earlier in the week.  Matthew had a Friday night soccer game and another game Saturday afternoon.  Michael had a game Saturday evening.  Both my boys played awesome.  Matthew scored 2 goals Friday night win and 1 goal Saturday lost.  Most importantly, he played like he wanted to be there.  He was aggressive, ran hard and fought for the ball. 

Michael scored a goal at his game and his team tied, but he played so well too! And the weather was perfect to be outside.

Sunday was a free day for us.  No games, nothing scheduled so we went to the creek for a quick picnic of fruit and crackers and the boys played on the playground.  Then they got out of hand with the wrestling and rolling around on the ground so we went home. 

Oh, I had to help M take down some wasp nests on the very top roofline of our house.  He said it would be easy and take less than 20 minutes-he lied.  It was not easy and it took more than 20 minutes.  However, I’m glad that we got it done.

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