Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend

Happy Mother’s Day!  We haven’t done much as far as celebrating Mother’s Day.  I get cards for the grandmas from the kiddos and M gets a card for me from the kiddos and we call that a celebration.  But lately, as the boys get older, I’m feeling like we need to do more – not because I want the attention, but because I want them to start thinking about appreciating people in their lives and learning how to show it appropriately.

Anyway, on Saturday night, we dropped the boys off at their g-parents and went to dinner to celebrate Mother’s Day.  Yes, I see the irony, but it is so nice to have dinner without having to feed an 18-month old and without all the bickering. We went to this place called Hibiscus and it was so good. For dessert, we shared a carmelized pineapple bread pudding – it was so incredibly yummy that I wished I didn’t have to share it with M.  

On Sunday, we spent most of our day outside – we had hamburgers and hotdogs on the patio for lunch.  Then the boys went and played at one of their friend’s house.  Those little stinkers snuck into the house, changed into their swim clothes and went swimming at the Fisher’s without me knowing.  They knew that I would have told them it was too cold for swimming. As Matty tells me – “Mom, you’re overprotectd! It’s embarrassing.”

Mark was so sweet last night.  Matthew and Michael got into a little tussle and Matthew started crying.  Mark saw him crying and made this really sad, sad face.  Then he went over and kissed Matthew. When I gave him a tissue, Mark took it and started wiping away Matthew’s tears and making these cooing noises.  Melts my heart!

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