Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What's Happenin'

It seems like time is going by so fast.  Can you believe that this is the last week of October?! And in less than 2 weeks, my little Mark turns 1 YEAR OLD! I have been so blessed to be able to stay home with him for most of his almost-one-year-old life.  And to see him grow up and discover new things everyday? Priceless.

I must confess that I'm a little behind on the Halloween thing.  Mark has a dragon costume that is size 18 months but it looks really big so we may have to scratch the dragon and go with something else.  I have not even started on the other 2 boys.  One wants to be a pirate which is easy enough, but the other wants to be a zombie. Not too happy about that decision so I'm trying to convince him to be something else. We have pumpkins, but we haven't carved them yet.  The boys haven't mentioned it, so I may be able to get away with not doing anything with the pumpkins.

Michael and Matthew have a Book Parade coming up on Oct. 31.  They haven't decided what they want to dress up as yet or what book they are going to bring for the parade. Why do I stress out about these silly little thing? 

Our weekend was another typical one with soccer for Michael and lacrosse for Matthew.  Michael's soccer team won 3-0, and Michael had some really beautiful passes to help his teammates score.  Matthew did really well at his lacrosse game.  This was the first time I've seen him put some real effort into playing.  He played awesome at defense and prevented a couple of point blank goals. Unfortunately, his team lost but I had a good time watching and cheering them on.  After the game, we went to lunch with the Hoppes (little Carter is on the Allen lacrosse team). It was really good to see them and catch up.  

I haven't posted very many pictures so here are some from the last few days.  Mark is walking like a pro and is actually starting to run!

He loves to be outside. And look at his little shoes! He loves to wear put hem on because that means he gets to go out and play.  M ordered him some orange crocs.  Can't wait to see them on him.

Running towards Mommy

Love his little pouty lips

He loves picking up acorns and bringing them to me

So happy to be out and ready to walk Big Brothers to the bus stop

Getting ready to walk to the bus stop last Friday morning. Love these boys!

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