Saturday, October 06, 2012

Fall Festival

I've noticed that I use a lot of exclamation points in my post titles so I refrained this time. We had a wonderful, but very busy day today.  Thanks to whoever invented the crockpot because without, we may not have had dinner.  I'm also giving myself credit for thinking to use it today.

Our morning started off early this morning with a trip to our local Calloway Nursery.  They hosted a Fall Festival with lots of things for kids to do for FREE! Well sort of-I will be heading out to buy some flowers there tomorrow and will be spending money, so it's really not free. I've forgotten what a neat place it is.  All their flowers and plants were beautiful, much better quality than Home Depot or Lowe's.   A little more pricey, but I got a $5 credit from them for my birthday.

Anyway, back to the Fall Festival.  Matthew and Michael got to decorate pumpkins, plant grass and lettuce, and they got to pot a pansy plant to take home.  They had a blast and I got some really great pictures out of it. The only thing that could have made it better was if the weather was a little warmer, but but the cold sure made it feel like it was October!

Marky was very interested in all the different pumpkins and squashes.  He kept wanting to touch everything.  He was walking around looking at all the different piles.

This was the best picture I can get of all three.

I want this one!

Pumpkin decorating

Walking around with Daddy

What's that?

You mean, there are white pumpkins?

Decorated pumpkins

 Planting seeds

Mark wants in...

But he's too short!

Decorating pots for the pansies

Michael chose a white one

Matthew chose a pink one

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