Thursday, October 04, 2012

Beautiful Day!

It's been just so beautiful here in the past few days that it seems almost a crime to hang out inside so I've been trying to get Mark outside as much as I can.  Yesterday morning, we went to the Town Square and walked around again.  I wanted to stop by the fountain and hang out for a little bit, but they had just laid down some mulch that had the repulsive scent of manure. Yuck.

We came home and after his nap, we went and played outside for a little bit before it got too hot.  He discovered that the pumpkins will roll if he just gives it a little push.  Then he discovered that if he pulls on the flowers enough, they will come off. Next, he started to pick up acorns or anything that was on the ground and put it in his mouth.  It got a little tiring after a little bit, so we came back inside.

How cute is my little boy?!

Ohhh...these things roll

If I pull on these, they will come off!

No way Mommy can get mad at me.  Look at me!

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