Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What a Great Weekend!

What did we do this weekend? Here’s a list:
1. Michael’s soccer game (I had to miss because Matthew had a soccer game at the same time, different place)

2. Matthew went to a friend’s birthday at Bass Pro Shop. I’ve never been there before and was amazed how many things come in camo print. I now also know where to get a machete if I ever need one. It was interesting. Matthew got to practice his “shooting skills.”

3. M and I went to our friend’s 40th birthday party. We did not bring the kids and we even stayed overnight at the Westin. It was a nice night spent with friends and food. However, we left at 9:30 because I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open. The next day, M and I enjoyed a nice, quiet breakfast where I found my new favorite croissant - the blackberry-cream cheese croissant. Yummy!

4. Sunday was mostly an errand day. M finally hung our family portrait that we took last fall. It will be obsolete when Mark gets here, but it was such a beautiful picture that I thought we would keep up until we can get another one done with Mark in it.

That’s pretty much a rundown on our weekend activities. Next weekend, I’ll write about our hospital tour. Wow, we have such an exciting life!

Today, I surprised my little men with lunch. Pei Wei for Michael and McDonalds for Matthew. I think they were happy to see me, and I love to make them happy.

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