Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Good and the Bad

I was not a very good mother this past weekend and for that, I have to apologize to my babies. It was a very difficult weekend and it did not have to be that way. I lost my temper too many times. Even though they were extra whine-y and extra stubborn, I should have had more self control as an adult and a parent to redirect them to better behavior. I swear I made that last sentence up myself without consulting a self-help book.

Anyway, our weekend did have some fun moments. Michael invited his friend Brody over to have a swim and they had a great time. They decided to play “King of the Hill” with some other children there. I was a little nervous about this but decided to let them be boys. Of course Matthew decided that he wanted to play too, but every time someone tried to push him into the pool, he would tell them, “No, you can’t push me in. I can’t swim!” He had no problem doing the pushing or jumping in the water on his own though.

Everyday, Matthew says or does something that cracks me up. Yesterday, I told Michael that he was crazy. Matthew must have overheard me and looks up me and said, “No, Michael is not crazy. He’s smart.” Matthew has always been Michael’s biggest fan and it’s such a joy to watch. Whenever Michael is playing on the Wii, Matthew sits there and watches Michael play like he’s the greatest Wii player ever. He’ll sit there and constantly praise his big bro. “Wow, Michael. You are so good.” Once in a while, Michael will need reinforcement and asks Matthew, “Am I good or what?” and Matthew would respond with “Oh, you’re good.” Cracks me up!

This was taken at Stewart Creek in Allen this past weekend.

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  1. Anonymous6:56 PM

    Awe Katherine you are a great mom. Don't be too hard on yourself. Parenting must be tough and you can't be patient all the time. Your children are joys. Even though I am not related to them I love them like I am their auntie. Miss you all very much!