Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Can We Slow Things Down?

Everyday, I am amazed at how much my boys have grown and how they’ve changed over the short course of their lives. I’ve seen Michael change from a very aggressive toddler into a more reserved and shy little boy. In Matthew, I’ve seen him change from an easy-going baby into a demanding, hot-tempered 3 year-old (OK, almost 4). I don’t know if these changes are for better or worse. It’s probably neither.

All I know is I miss their baby and toddler years. I want to see them toddling around, unsure of what to do with their arms and legs. I miss the toothless smiles, and the drool-y kisses. I miss not understanding their senseless babbling. I miss their baby smells. I miss their smallness.

With a blink of an eye, my Michael is now almost finished with Kindergarten, and in 4 short weeks, he will officially be a 1st grader. He’s learned how to read, tells me about how plants grow, and talks to me about our solar system and the affects of gravity. He’s even described one of his classmates as “sassy.”

Matthew turns four in a month and 4 days, but who’s counting, right? He has grown to be a boy with a bigger than life personality. He loves big, gets mad big, eats big, and plays hard. He knows what he wants and you cannot distract him. Fortunately, bribery still works, but if he wants waffles for breakfast, there’s no convincing him otherwise. Well, unless you bribe him with something better.

How did this happen? How can time move so fast? I’m not asking for time to stop. I’m just asking that he or she slow down to a leisurely stroll.

Matthew turning 1 year old

This picture was taken in December 08 only 2 1/2 years later.


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  2. Anonymous1:47 PM

    Mike and you have been blessed. :-)