Monday, April 06, 2015

Easter Weekend

I didn't get to see much of the older boys this weekend.  They had a birthday sleepover at a friends house on Friday and they all went to Urban Air to continue the celebration on Saturday afternoon.

M and I took Mark to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.  I haven't been to one in ages and can't believe how busy and crowded it was.

Mark played with his bulldozer to pass the time.

And we took a selfie...

We went to pick up birthday gift at Target Saturday morning and Mark fell in love with this helmet.

We had our annual neighborhood Easter egg hunt Saturday afternoon.  Mark went for the very first time and had so much fun! There were pony rides, egg hunts and lots of farm animals. And we couldn't ask for better weather.

 Mark and his buddy, Tristan.

His first pony ride.  I think he liked it, but was a little nervous....

There was a petting zoo and Mark was in hog heaven - literally.

Even Matthew joined in not the fun. Michael decided to stay home because he thought he was too old for these things.

Mark loves to playing with the older kiddos because they give him all the attention. 

We didn't do much on Sunday.  It rained so I didn't do an egg hunt in our yard as planned.  Michael was a little upset about it.  Then the Gs came over with their Easter goodies and all was forgiven.

M went to the garage and discovered a dog in there.  We let him wander off, but then felt bad and took him in, fed him and he spent the night in our yard.

We are going to try to find his owner and keep him for a couple of days.  Then we are going to have to call animal control if no body claims him, which is going to be a bummer because he's such a sweet dog.

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