Friday, April 10, 2015

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!  I'm happy to report that we found the owner of the dog we found wandering our street last Sunday.  M put up a poster at the entrance to our neighborhood and the dog's owner saw it on Monday and called us.  So happy that he found his people, but happier that we don't have to keep him.  He was so sweet but I have never wanted a pet and I still don't.  Too much work!

We have had some crazy weather this week.  Sunshine and beautiful one day and thunderstorms the next, but that's North TX for you.

On Monday, I took Michael to his well check-up.  He is super healthy, weighing in at 78 lbs. and is now 4'9.  Another foot, and he'll be taller than me.

He also had to get a couple of shots.  Poor baby.  He did well though, and he got a kick out of the nurse telling him that she's seen 16-year olds who cry when they got shots.  I dropped him off at school after his appointment but not before he convinced me to pick him up some lunch at McDonald's.  Way to stay healthy :-)

Tuesday was one of those beautiful days.  Mark and I had to get our day started early because I had to drop our car off at the dealership to get it looked at - check oil level came on.  It was such a pretty morning so we took advantage and went to have breakfast at Central Market afterwards. Mark got to play a little bit.

Then it was time to meet up with some friends at Casey's Clubhouse for a playdate.

He's telling me "no pictures" here...

I had Spirit Shop on Wednesday so Mark had his weekly visit with the Gs.  He has so much fun there.

On Thursday, we decided to go have lunch with Matthew.  What really happened was we ran out of bread so I couldn't make his lunch.  Oh well. I'm just happy that he's still happy to see me at school. Michael will no longer let me eat lunch with him.  Heartbreaking....

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