Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Post About Nothing....

We did not do much this weekend. Michael was suppose to have a soccer game on Sunday but with the storm Saturday night, it was cancelled.  So there's really not much to write about, but I wanted to post some pictures.

Last Tuesday, we went to get the boys' passports done.  I can't believe how much they are charging for these little things! Anyway, we went to our local post office and the boys were pretty patient waiting on us.

We had to turn in their old passports, but I'm hoping to get them back.

On Friday, Michael gave us a couple of hours notice that he is performing at the Celebration of the Arts at his school so we had to basically drop everything and there.

Mark and Matthew were looking to find their big brother.  Mark kept yelling out to Michael.  "Hi, bo-bo! I love you bo-bo!"  Michael was a little embarrassed, but I think he liked it. So stinkin' cute.

My little trumpet player...

Waiting to perform. I can't believe how good these kids have become after just a few months.  They were pretty impressive.

Just a random picture here.  I caught these two holding hands while watching a soccer match on TV.  I heart them.

We went to a playdate yesterday at Central Market.  We are always at Central Market! I caught Mark playing with this little cutie.

After our playdate, we went to lunch with Daddy and had a burger.  He's being a silly boy for this picture.

And I couldn't get him to not stick his tongue out for any other pictures.  He thinks he's so funny!

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