Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Soccer and Other Stuff

We had another nice weekend.  M watched the Masters for most of it, but we did get out a little.  

Friday evening, I went to the gym to take a Pilates class and was confronted with this mess - 
apparently there was a "celebrity" Pilates instructor from U-tube teaching and she was big deal.  I've never heard of her but she has books, a clothing line and has created a new Pilates format called POP Pilates.  The class was intense and would have been great had it not been for the crowd. Seriously, 200 hundred people jammed into a basketball court. 

Michael had a soccer game Saturday morning so we got up bright and early. His team won 3-1 and we celebrated by going to lunch.  The rest of the weekend was pretty standard. The boys played with friends-I hardly even saw them this weekend because they were at their friends' houses all day.

A quick selfie on our way to the fields. Michael did not want to participate.   

Some lunch time silliness....

I love these boys

On Sunday, Mark and I headed to the gym and then I went to see Cinderella with a friend and her daughter, Nichole.  It was so good. The costumes were so beautiful and I loved the music. Nichole was so sweet and wrote me a "Thank You" note for going to the movies with her.  She's one of my favorite girls ;-).  

After the movies, I drove to pick up our dinner at Babe's Chicken Dinner House.  SO good.

I went to the gym early Monday morning.  I usually take Mark with me because he loves going to "Kids' Klub," but he was still asleep so I went on my own.  Good thing too because when I left the gym, there was a torrential downpour!  I was soaked running from the gym my car.  I don't mind that it's going to rain the rest of the week because it's making our neighborhood so pretty!

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