Monday, February 23, 2015


We woke up to ice this morning!

Schools are closed so the boys will be staying home.  I also cancelled our play date today because it's probably a little dangerous out there on the roads.  This is our first ice day this year and hopefully, we have another one with snow.  I love snow (for a day anyway).

We had a really good weekend.  M's stepbrother and his family came to visit from CA. They were supposed to have left this morning but their flight got cancelled because of the ice.

Mark and Dylan played a lot and got along so well! They are about 2 weeks apart and they love doing things together.  They even go potty together.  Mark spent most the weekend at the Gs playing with Dylan this weekend.

These two boys were inseparable.  And this was the only picture I have of them.  Since they won't be flying home today, maybe a I will have the chance to snap a few more.

Dylan was so excited to play with the big boys and loved sitting  next to Matthew at dinner.  So cute!

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