Monday, February 09, 2015

Happy Monday!

We got a little surprised visit from my brother this weekend!  Actually, me and Mark only saw him for about an hour, but we made the best of it.  He had a couple hours layover at DFW so I drove over to the airport with Mark, pick him up and went and had coffee in downtown Grapevine.

Mark was so happy to see him.  Unfortunately, Michael had to be a soccer game and Matthew went to a friend's house. 

After we dropped my bro off back at the airport, we went directly to Michael's soccer game in Plano. It was the 2nd game of the day for him and his teammates and they won 2-0.  They also won the first game 1-0, so it was a good soccer day.  Unfortunately, they tied the night before so they got knocked out of the tournament early.

Michael and I had some alone time together after the game.  We went to dinner at Sushi Sam (his very favorite sushi place). I had so much fun just talking to him one-on-one.  I just love that boy so much.

Another unfortunate event - Michael got some sort of stomach virus was sick Saturday night.  Poor thing.  He was better Sunday morning, but towards the evening, it got worse.  I'm keeping home from school today. which will be interesting because we are hosting a Valentine's party for Mark's playgroup.

i had to include this picture. Mark built a T-rex all by himself this weekend and it looked too awesome not to brag.

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