Thursday, February 19, 2015

What We Did - Week 7

Week 7 was not a good week for me and I didn't take too many pictures.  I was just dragging and I let every little thing annoy me.

Day 43 - Thur.
My babies love to read with their breakfast in the morning.  Matthew stayed home from school again today, which made it a very long day.

Day 44 - Fri.
Valentine's Party Day!  Matthew had his V-day party.  Then I dropped Mark off with M at home and went to Michael's school to serve ice cream sundaes for his V-day party.

Day 45 - Sat.
I got flowers and a card for Valentine's Day.

Michael had a really early soccer game so m took him and me and the other 2 boys slept in. They tied 1-1, but M said Michael played his best game ever.  So proud of my boy.

Day 46 - Sun.
We dod nothing today! I ran some errands and went to the gym and that was pretty much it.  The boys played with their friends like every other weekend.

Day 47 - Mon.
It was so cold that Michael's soccer practice got cancelled! Brrr....Mark and I went to the gym and that was pretty much it!

Day 48 - Tue.
After the boys got done with all their homework and studying, we went to Mooyah for dinner.  All three boys actually ate their food.

Mark loves drawing on their chalkboard.  Michael drew a happy face and mark copied it.  He did an excellent job!

Day 49 - Wed.
I dropped Mark off at the Gs and ran a few errands, got a haircut, went to a parents' meeting for information about Michael's courses for Middle School, and then went to pick Mark up.  When we got home, I watched "The Bachelor" with with M.

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