Thursday, February 05, 2015

What We Did - Week 5

Day 29 - Thur.
I took Mark with me to the gym the work out that that was pretty much all we did except chores and errands.  And there's no picture either.  Oops...

Day 30 - Fri.
We had a play date at the skating rink with some friends.
Day 31 - Sat.
Today was cold and rainy, a perfect day to go for Korean BBQ for dinner followed by the traditional stop at Yogurtland next door.

Day 32 - Sun.
Super Bowl Sunday!

Day 33 - Mon.
We headed over to a friend's house to celebrate January birthdays!

Day 34 - Tue.
Ahh, my life with a tween.  He was not happy I took a picture of him.

I went to a Mom's Night In and made this wreath.

Day 35 - Wed.
Mark wanted to play with play doh first thing in the morning.  Then we were off to the gym for my class.  After the gym, I dropped him off at the Gs and went to have lunch with Matthew.  His request? Sake sashimi and California rolls.

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