Saturday, February 07, 2015

At The Roller Rink

Last Friday, I took Mark roller skating for one of his play dates.  He did so well.  He stayed in his skates for more than an hour without complaining.  I was surprised because the skates were so heavy.

We started out with me holding both of his hands on the carpet, then me holding one of his hands on the carpet.  I would occasionally let go and he would just keep going.  It was more like walking and not gliding, but he stayed on his feet.

Then a friend loaned us a tripod and we took it out for a spin in the actual rink.  He was very disappointed that the rink was not made of ice (apparently, Caillou skated on ice). We started out slowly with me holding the tripod so it wouldn't slide too fast.  He got the hang of it after a little while and I let him go on his own.

It was such a fun day!

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