Tuesday, February 03, 2015

A Quiet Super Bowl Weekend

We had a quiet rainy weekend. Not much to write about.  Mark is doing extremely well with his potty training. I've even ventured out for an hour or two with just undies.

We did not have plans of the weekend.  I got up bright and early on Saturday morning for a yoga class and then took Mark with me to the grocery store for a couple of things.  Mark loves to go grocery shopping with me and is so bossy - "don't forget to get more granola for me white yogurt"  and "we need more milk because we are all out."

Then we went to dinner at our favorite Korean BBQ place in Carrollton.  It was so good and M actually helped me cook and feed the kiddos.

These two were tired and fell asleep on our way to dinner.

This one slept through half the dinner and woke up to eat a ton of broccoli.

Our tradition is to go for frozen yogurt after Korean BBQ.

My littles hanging out together in bed before bedtime.  Sometimes they love each other so much.  Other times, they are like cats and dogs.

On Sunday, Mark and I went to the gym. He loves the Kids' Club there.  I was a little apprehensive about taking him the first couple times, but he took to it with no problems at all.  

When I went to pick him up from Kids Club that day, he made this announcement.  "Sorry, guys! I have to go.  My mom is here." He was in the middle of playing by himself on the play structure.  The funny thing was, no one was there with him to care whether or not he left.  Silly boy!

Just a random picture of Mark Sunday morning, having a juice in his undies...

Then we came home to watch the Super Bowl.  Both Michaels were rooting for the Patriots and Matthew wanted the Seahawks to win.  I have not seen Matthew get into any sort of sporting events as he did for this Super Bowl. It was really fun to watch, and of course to even things out, I was cheering for the Seahawks with Matthew.

Watching the big game.  A couple of the boys' friends stayed to watch part of the game with us.

Before the game, we did the squares thing.  Whoever wins the square each quarter gets $5.  We handpicked one and then we did a another sheet that was generated by the computer so each quarter 2 people had a chance to win $5 each.  Matthew won $10, M won everything else.  Michael and I were the big losers of that game.  Oh well - it was fun and the boys were into it.

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