Thursday, January 29, 2015

What We Did - Week 4

Day 22 - Thur.
We went to an indoor play place called Paradise Pond to play because it was cold and rainy outside.  Mark was so excited to be there.  There was a ton for him to do but he chose to go grocery shopping, make some cupcakes and have a tea party.  I loved watching him have tea because he would pretend to pour the tea, put sugar in it, stir and then take a sip.  It was hilarious.

Day 23 - Fri.
This little guy (not so little, really) loves to read while having breakfast.

Day 24 - Sat.
Soccer time!  Michael played two games.

We had lunch in between his two games.

Day 25 - Sun. 
More soccer! Mark was there to cheer his big bro on. And had some snacks.

Day 26 - Mon.
We had a play date with Reagan.  We enjoyed the beautiful, sunny day having lunch and playing outside at Central Market.  These two like to hold hands.  So sweet.

Day 27 - Tue.
We took the car to get washed and Mark had fun playing while we waited.

The day was perfect for eating lunch...

...And for playing outside.

Day 28 - Wed.
Soccer practice.  I couldn't get a good picture.  Michael's the one in white with his hand up.

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