Thursday, January 22, 2015


Today is supposed to be the What We Did - Week 3 edition, but there's no point.  I have 2 pictures that I can share.  That doesn't mean that we didn't do anything.  It just means that I've been slacking on pictures.

I've been going to the gym pretty regularly and I've now added childcare to my membership so no excuses. I feel so much better on days that I work out.

The boys had the day off on Monday and it was such a beautiful day.  They played outside most of the day.  M and I took Mark on a nice walk around our lake.

Tuesday was another amazing day.  Mark and I met up with some friends on the patio of Central Market, had some lunch and played. Then we had to drop off Michael's trumpet off at his school.  He got his mouthpiece stuck so we had to take it to Bell's Music Shop in the morning to get fixed.

Wednesday started off a bit shaky.  Matthew missed the bus because he refused to go before finding his iPhone.  I was so angry, but in the grand scheme of things, it wasn't that big of a deal.  I wish I had realized that yesterday morning.  After we dropped him off at school, we had a little time before my PTO meeting so we stopped at Mcdonald's for breakfast.

Then, I dropped Mark off at his weekly time with the Gs and ran some errands. I needed to return some stuff to Hobby Lobby, get some supplies for a Valentine's Day party that I'm hosting for my Mom's group, and drop off lunch for Michael - very exciting stuff.

I've started to put a few Valentine's Day decorations up.

We've also started trying to potty train Mark.  It's slow going.  I put him on the toilet before bed last night and he asked for a magazine to read while on there.  H didn't go, but at least he agreed to even sit on the toilet.  He sometimes refuses.  We've put him in a lottery for a spot in preschool next fall.  Our goal is to have him completely trained by then.  I know, we aim high...

I texted this picture to my brother and sister.  So excited for this to open.  It seems like I've been waiting for a couple of years.  They were suppose to have opened last November but it's January and still not open.  What's taking you so long, Joe?

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