Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Soccer Weekend

I'm still kinda recovering from Michael's soccer tournament.  He had 2 games on Saturday and 2 games on Sunday - all in Frisco and all spaced out so that we had to drive back and forth twice a day.

And his team lost 2 games that they should have won.  According to M and his dad, it was the coaching and I will have to agree. Anyway, that's pretty much all we did this weekend. It was exhausting, but I do love to watch my little guy play.

We went and had lunch after his first game. The service was a little slow but fortunately, Mark had Daddy's iPhone to keep him busy.

Love my not-so-little soccer player.  I can't believe this baby will be 12 in less than 2 months.

 My favorite player in action.

This little cutie was there to cheer his big brother on. "Go, Michael, go!" was his favorite cheer.  Love this baby!

Totally unrelated to soccer, but we also started potty training this guy last Friday.  I must say that it's gone a lot better than I had anticipated.  

He has nailed the peeing part down and will even go on the toilet all by himself when he needs to go - just working on #2 right now.  He was dry all day yesterday even after our playdate.

Speaking of playdate, we had one with one of his favorite buddies.  They are super sweet together.  See what I mean?

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