Monday, January 05, 2015

New Year Randoms

The boys are going back school tomorrow and we will once again be getting back into a routine.  It's been kind of fun not having to get up early and getting them ready in the morning. And I we got a much needed break from homework and tests.

All our Christmas decorations are down and we are settling into the new year.  Matthew will be getting his first iPhone. He's been asking for it since school started and most of his friends have one so we said that if he got straight As for the first semester, we will get him one.  My little man delivered - barely.  The worst grade he got was in writing (his weak point). He pulled out a 89.7 and the school rounded it up to a 90.

We've also had a nice break from soccer.  No practices for 2 weeks.  I'm guessing we will start up again on Wednesday and then we have a few tournaments before the season picks up again.

We didn't do much this weekend.  Last Friday, I took Mark to a playdate at Jump for Fun and he had a blast running around and going on the slides.  He was super tired afterwards and slept for 3 hours.

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