Thursday, December 11, 2014

What We Did - Week 49

I thought I took more pictures this week, but I skipped a couple of days. Oops. It's been a long, hard week.  We had some really good days and a couple of really bad ones - days filled with tantrums, meltdowns and pure frustration.  But I guess that's what life is all about.

Day 338 - Thur.
Matthew found Smitty taking a chocolate chip bath in the morning.  He also left them a little something.

Matthew left him a thank you note and asked him about his faves.  Love this sweet boy.
Day 339 - Fri.
Mark had a play date with a couple of buddies.  We went to an indoor playground because it was cold and wet out.

That night, these two hung out together, playing gone the iPad.

Day 340 - Sat.
We went to the North Pole!  So much fun and so much magic for Mark.  The other two boys got bored, but it was so much fun sharing this experience with Mark!

Day 341 - Mon.
We were suppose to have gone on a playdate, but it was one of the hard days.  I was exhausted from all the attitude and meltdowns that we stayed home. No pictures either.

Day 342 - Tues.
What a busy day.  We were suppose to have met up with some friends for brunch, but within 10 minutes, Mark had a huge tantrum so we left before anyone else got there.  We decided to walk around down Main Street to see the Christmas decorations to cool off.

I got some really nice pictures and the Christmas decorations were BEAUTIFUL.

He's thinks it's funny to make faces when I want smiling face.

That night, Michael had his Winter Concert at the high school.

I had to make to bake cookies for the teacher's cookie exchange the next day. Mark screamed the whole time because he wanted me to sit with him the whole night. He's been so clingy and demand that it's just been a nightmare to get anything done.  He's sitting right next to me, holding my arm as I'm typing this. I'm hoping this phase goes away quick because it's driving me to the looney bin.

Day 343 - Wed.
No pictures! Another busy day.  We had to deliver the cookies to Michael's school, run over to Matthew schools to work the Spirit Shop, came home for some home maintenance, and then homework and practice.

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