Monday, December 01, 2014

The Weekend

The day after Thanksgiving, Michael wanted to go get some dim sum for lunch so we drove over to Richardson (quite a trek) to our favorite Chinese restaurant to fulfill his request.

It was so good! Michael tried to teach Matthew to use the chopsticks and then declared that it was pointless.  He should stick with the fork.

We came home and Mark wanted to make some art. They boys spent most of the day outside with their friends and M went golfing.

In the evening, we went over to the Gs to finish off the turkey and prime rib from Thanksgiving dinner.  It was delicious.  Mark loves these little canned mandarin oranges.  He eats a whole can every time he is with his grandparents.

We had family pictures done Saturday afternoon and the boys were not happy about it.  They never our because they hate getting dressed.  They complained about every part of their outfits - the jeans were uncomfortable, and the sweaters made them look like idiots. According to Michael, "No one dresses like this!"

But when it came to show time, they did so well.  They posed their little hearts away, especially the littlest one.

Our photographer was so easy to work with.  She sent us a sneak peek!  I'm excited to see the rest of our photos.

Then the older two boys went over to their friend's house for a sleepover and I went over to pick up Jennie for our paint night date.  

We started off with this...

And ended up with this with a couple of glasses of wine in between.

Sunday was full of football and relaxing at home.  I did make it out to Gap to return the sweaters that made my kids look like idiots.

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