Monday, December 08, 2014

North Pole Express 2014

We took the boys to ride on the North Pole Express on Saturday and it was so much fun.  Mark was in awe of everything.  Unfortunately the older two thought they were to old for it so this is probably their last year doing this.  But, we still had a great time watching Mark enjoy all the magic.

We showed up pretty early so Mark got to play a little before we could get on the train.

These two fight hard and love hard...

They started trend climbing these balls.  Other kids started doing it too until a staffer came and told them not to.

Michael being a silly boy.  A rare occasion now that he's pretty much hit his tween years...

Getting ready to board the train

Mark was so excited he just wanted to find a seat right away.

He was all hyped up that every picture of him was pretty much this face...

Michael showing his baby brother some love

Mark didn't know who Mrs. Claus was, but he didn't care. He was still in awe of her.

After the train ride, we walked through a snowy path with drifting "snow."  Mark kept trying to pick some up from the ground.  I think he was little confused with the whole snow thing. What was it not cold?

Then we went in a huge tent for a show at the "North Pole." Mark said his favorite part of the day was during this show when Santa and his elves sang "Jingle Bells."  It was Santa's favorite song and it was his favorite song too!

Mark loving on his big brother....

After the show, each kid got a cup of frosty chocolate snow milk.  And then it was off to see the big guy!  The older two boys didn't want a picture with Santa because they said that they were too old.  Mark jumped right on there and LOVED every second of it.  He told Santa, he wanted a house with people in it.

I love heart this little boy so much.

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