Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Decking the Halls

Christmas is coming and I love decorating for it.  I'm going a little light this year because, well, I'm a little lazy.  To my credit, I did get the tree up and lit BEFORE Thanksgiving.  I have the garland to hang on the banister and that's pretty much it.

Yes, our tree needs a topper.  Mark reminds me every night that I need to go get a yellow star to put on the top of our tree.

Starting with our mantle.  The clothesline-looking thing is for hanging cards.  We obviously have not received any yet so it looks kind of strange.

In case we need to know to the second how close we are to Christmas, we have this handy-dandy digital countdown clock.

Just a random jar of ornaments...

Matthew loves moving the little elf each day on this countdown calendar which is a good thing because I usually forget about it.

Our dining room buffet table decorated with my painting and our last name in case we forget what it is....

I got these on clearance and I love them. There are just so simple.

This is in a little corner of our kitchen.

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