Thursday, July 31, 2014

What We Did - Week 28

I'm trying to get back on schedule with these posts.  I'm skipping the few weeks that I've been away.  So here we go!

Day 205 - Thu.
We've finally picked a contractor to remodel our bathrooms!  I'm super excited.  It's going to be a major mess and a big hassle but I' hoping it will be worth it.  We went pick out some tiles today. We brought Mark with us and he was super excited to "help" us chose tiles.  He kept telling me to "come look at this one."  I heart him so much!

Then we went to the Home Depot to look at some light fixture and toilets.  Mark wanted to ride on the lawnmower.

Day 206 - Fri.
I went out and got supplies for my test run with flower arrangements. I had so much fun picking out the flowers!

Day 207 - Sat.
I found out I got wrong foam so I had to run out and exchange them.  I worked on the arrangement for a couple of hours and got them done. How cute are my boys? Love them so much!

Day 208 - Sun.
No picture today :-) M had to leave for a business trip so Gpa took Michael to practice.  It was so hot! But I hear relief from the heat is coming soon! The boys were in and out of the house playing with their friend Tucker.  That's pretty much what they've been doing most of the summer.

Day 209 - Mon.
We went to lunch and then drove over to pick up some Dragon wear for the Spirit Shop. Mark fell asleep on the way home.  Yay! Then the boys got in trouble for fighting. Booo.  I don't usually bust them for bickering, but today was exceptionally bad so they were not allowed to play with friends the rest of the day and Tuesday.

Day 210 - Tue.
The boys were not allowed to play with friends and level of bickering was at a minimum. M took Michael to dinner and a soccer game for the evening.  M bought tix 2 months ago and was so excited to go with Michael.

Why does my baby look like he's 14?

I took Matthew and Mark for Mooyah burgers for dinner and I had so much fun talking to Matthew.  He loves to tell me little trivia.  "Did you know....." And loves to ask questions.  "Mom, if lizards are cold-blooded does that mean they can't freeze?" Love it even more.  When I tell him I don't know about something, he Googles it.  I had fun watching Mark guzzle his strawberry milkshake down!

Then we went for a walk around the lake when we got home from dinner because the weather was so nice (in the 80s at the end of July in TX-seriously unusual).  Of course, we slathered ourselves in bug spray because the mosquitos were out in droves.

Day 211 - Wed.
We woke up to a nice little surprise - rain in July! The boys got comfortable on the couch with their iPads, playing Minecraft.

 ...and goofing off. Love these little guys!

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