Thursday, July 10, 2014

What We Did - Week 26

Day 189 - Thur.
Early start to San Antonio!

And a visit to the Riverwalk

Day 190 - Fri.
We had to take cover from the 4th of July rainstorm.

Day 191 - Sat. 
Big breakfast buffet before a big day of swim sun and fun.

Playing games with new friends!

Day 192 - Sun.
Super exhausted after a weekend away.  That or from having to wake up at 6 so we can be on the road  by 6:30 in the morning.

Day 193 - Mon.
I had to take the car in to get it looked at.  The rearview camera sometimes does not work - very annoying.

Michael had a get together with his soccer team for some swimming and soccer, of course. He got dehydrated and nauseous when he got home so he rested the rest of the day.  Then him and Mark decide to make some popcorn and watch Despicable Me 2

Mark loves to draw and when he finishes his artwork, he asks for tape to hang it on the wall.

Day 194 - Tues.
Mark and I payed with cars and trains in the morning.

Then I dropped him off at the Gs in the afternoon so I can take the other two boys to see Earth to Echo.  I wanted a picture of them with the movie poster, but only Matthew cooperated.  Michael was refused.

Day 195 - Wed.
We did a lot of furniture moving.  We got a bed and some chairs from M's dad so we gave away our chairs and the boys bunk bed to make room. No picture today.

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