Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Favorite Things Party Link-Up

My favorite thing this month is going to sound weird, but once you do some looking into, you will actually find that many woman are using it.

A while ago, Alison at Get Your Pretty On blogged about using this cream as a replacement for her Smashbox primer. I was like, really? And moved on with my life.

Then it was time to replace my primer (I use Lancome's La Base) and remembered about the recommended gel and thought why not?

So off I went to Target to get some.  Sold Out.  I had to go to a second Target and it was on sale. Great timing, right?

Don't let the words Chafing Relief Powder-Gel scare you! If you try this (and you should), make sure you get the Chafing Relief and not the other kind of cream that Monistat is better known for (wink, wink).  I got mine at Target for $5, but you can find this at most drug stores.

Anyway, I've been using this "primer" for several weeks and I love it.  It's powdery and silky to the touch, and dries quickly.  It helps my makeup up go on smooth and lasts most of the day, even in the hot Texas weather.  I also like that it has no smell to it.  I don't love it as much as La Base (I think La Base holds the makeup on longer), but for the price, I'm willing to switch.

So there you have it - my favorite thing this month. Thanks to Erika and Andrea for doing this link up so I can share my Favorite Things! 


  1. I remember Allison blogging about that. I've been using a sample from my Birchbox, but as soon as it's gone, I'll be giving this a try! Thanks for linking up!!

  2. Wow, I've heard of using this stuff before as primer and am so glad it works well! I've been using a Mary Kay primer that I like, but it's always good to have other options, especially one that's cost effective. :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. I also saw this on Alison's blog. Love it.. I also use the same makeup as her. It works great.