Thursday, July 03, 2014

What We Did - Week 25

Day 183 - Thur.
The kids had some friends over for some swim time

Day 184 -Fri.
I enjoyed my Hawaii'n morning coffee in my Hawaii'n mug that I got for free from the Honulua Store in Maui

Then we went to Morton's for some lobster.  Yum!

Day 185 - Sat.
More swimming in our pool, but I didn't get a picture today.

Day 186 - Sun.
I took the boys to meet up with Daniel at Urban Air to make up for missing his birthday party

And then M gave  all 3 boys their summer buzz cut

Day 186 - Mon.
Full day of fun! Toilet shopping at Home Depot.

And a bad accident

Day 187 - Tues.
We got the tooth fixed

More play time outside

Day 188 - Wed.
Laundry and packing for our holiday weekend getaway to the "Hill Country"

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