Monday, July 28, 2014

Flower Power

I love fresh flowers an dI love making fresh flower arrangements.  When I discovered that is would cost between $400-$600 for my sister to get a bouquet, 2 wedding alter arrangements and a signing table arrangements, I volunteered to make these for her.

This weekend I set out and went shopping for flowers and supplies for a dry run just to make sure that I can deliver on my offer. I had a couple of little missteps-like buying the wrong type of floral foam-but I think I did pretty well on my first try.  I learned a few things that I will use when I create the real deal in August.  I'd never gone anything to this scale so I was a little nervous!

Here's the bucket of flowers ready to be arranged.

And ta-da!  This is the result.  It's a pretty big arrangement and costs about $40 to make-a much better price tag than the $200 we were quoted.

I made Michael hold the bouquet up so I can take a picture to send to my sister.  He was not amused and grudgingly agreed. Love that little monkey is drinking my Sonic drink like it was his.

Then Mark wanted a turn. Yes, he's not wearing any pants.

And I even had leftover flowers for this arrangement! The roses are the ones M got me when I got back from my trip to California. I just added them to the new arrangement. Not bad for a beginner!

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