Friday, July 25, 2014

California Dreamin' - Part 2

Day 6
On Wednesday, we went to the Flea Market to get some fabric for a picture backdrop for my sister's wedding in August.  She got some poppers for Mark to play with and he loved it!

Day 7
We went to the outlets.  I saw this giraffe tank at Banana Republic Outlet and totally loved it.  Best thing? It was 4 bucks.

My mom and sister got this pineapple tank.

Day 8
We just hung out.  My brother came over for dinner and the boys played outside because you can't beat the weather we get in California.  And what's great is you can be outside in the evenings and not be bug bait.
Day 9
My sister's bridal shower was Saturday.  We went to the Farmer's Market to get some fresh flowers for the centerpieces and spent the morning arranging them and finishing up the favors. Then we were off to Capitola for some bridal fun.

On the way back from the shower, we stopped Costco and my mom got Mark this sweatshirt.  He spent the evening pretending to shoot web everywhere and crawled around on all fours.  He's so awesome.

Day 10
We spent the morning at the donut shop.

Then we went to play at the park for a couple of hours.  He met a couple of bigger boys there and played zombie battle with them.  Hilarious!

We met up with Benjamin and my brother at the donut shop for lunch of burgers and fries.

Two cousins "talking" about which donuts they liked best.

That evening, we met up with my brother's in-laws for dinner at his house.  I don't know why I didn't get pictures, but we had a good time.  Then we put the two boys in the bath.  This was the best picture I got.

My parents attended a wedding that evening and came home with a bouquet.  Mark wanted to try it out.

Day 11
Another Monday morning at Starbucks.  This time he tried the hot chocolate with some water. Sandi asked for some and he told her no because it was too hot for her.
Day 12
We got up super early for the airport.  Again, he flew in his PJs and was super good on the airplane.  There was another toddler on the plane who was super cranky and was crying for most of the flight.  Mark started singing really loudly.  When I told him to take it down a notch, he told me that he was "trying to make the baby have fun" so she would stop crying.  I almost ate him up right then.

Good-bye, California.  We will be back in a month!

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