Thursday, March 27, 2014

What We Did - Week 12

I'm a little behind on this post and thought about not doing one for week 12, but I think it's important to document this.  Plus, if I start missing one, it's going to be easier for me to slack on this.  There are lots of holes this week, but I think that's OK.  I will give myself grace. 

Day 86 - Thur.
Michael was home sick today so we just hung out at home. No pictures.

Day 87 - Fri.
Playdate with friends at the Ft. Worth Zoo today.  Mark had so much fun hanging with his older buddies.  He did butt heads with one of them, but for the most part he enjoyed running around with them and watching the orangutan blow him kisses.  I think he likes the elephants and the monkeys best.  Him and his friends also had a weird fascination with garbage cans.  These were the ones with the swinging lids and all the kids loved to push the lids and watch it swing.  ALL of them took turns doing this. Mark also loved our train ride!

Day 88 - Sat.
Opening Day of baseball season for Matthew! Michael also had his last soccer game of the season at almost the same time so we divided and conquered.  M took Michael to his soccer game and I took Matthew to his baseball game.  Mark stayed home with Jennie.  Matthew's team won 12-4 and Michael's team won 4-0.  Good sports day.  After our game, I had to pick up a few things at the grocery store and Matthew stayed in the car.  This was what he did to entertain himself! Silly selfies!

Day 89 - Sun.
We didn't do much today! Lots of March Madness watching. I don't remember much and no pictures. Told you there were holes this week.

Day 90 - Mon.
I think the most exciting thing today was that I took Mark grocery shopping - haha.  He had a lots of fun helping get what we needed.  He loves helping the check out people unload the shopping cart. No picture for this one either.

Day 91 - Tue. 
We went to story time today and met up with our friend Sam.  We didn't get a chance to hang out afterwards, but Mark had fun dancing with her during story time.  There was almost a meltdown when he was not chosen to hold the button or to feed the monkey puppet.  Again, no pictures.  I'm horrible.  I will have to do better next week!

Day 92 - Wed.
Happy Birthday to my first baby!  He turned 11 at 5pm today!!! Ahhh!! He brought donuts to celebrate with his homeroom classmates.  Then I surprised him by pulling him out of school for his birthday lunch.  He chose Steak 'n Shake.  Not my favorite, but definitely his. Sarah was so sweet and got him a gift card. M was out so we will do gifts when we have his birthday dinner at Kobeya (his favorite dinner place) on Friday. Love this more so much.

I hope I have more pictures for next week's post!  That's my goal anyway.

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