Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What We Did - Week 10

Day 71 - Wed.
I was in full preparation mode for our trip to CA.  I didn't get any pictures today, but I did get a lot done!

Day 72 - Thu.
California, here we come!

Day 73 - Fri.
We celebrated Michael's birthday early. He chose House of Genji for dinner.
Day 74 - Sat.
Today was a perfect day to enjoy the city with friends.  We drove up to the Ferry Building and took the ferry to Sausalito for lunch.

Day 75 - Sun.
The boys spent the day with Yee-Yee, Kau-Fo and Jeff at the Star Wars exhibit at the San Jose Tech Museum.

Day 76 - Mon.
My parents took us out for dim sum at the restaurant where M and I had our Chinese wedding banquet.  My sister will also be having her wedding banquet there in August!

Mark played with Ben while the adults were having dinner outside.

Day 77 - Tues.
We spent some time at the park.

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