Monday, March 03, 2014

This and That

School is closed AGAIN today for ice.  I honestly think it's a little over cautious - a delay would have sufficed. We've had a least 4 snow days this year and although I don't mind having the kids home, it throws off my schedule a little bit, especially as we get ready for our trip to CA.

We had another busy weekend! On Friday, Matthew had his Dragon Pride assembly.  Fanny and I decided to open up the Spirit Shop during the assembly with the hopes off unloading some of our inventory. We had to be at the school at 7:30 to set up.  Thankfully, the Gs were able to come over and babysit Mark and I was able to see Matthew get recognized and for his reading and citizenship awards and make some money for the school!

After the Spirit Shop, I had to hurry home and get Mark ready for his playdate at Jump Zone! I didn't take any pictures because I forgot to.  And honestly, I was exhausted from having to run after him and going through the obstacle courses and down the slides with him. But we did have fun!

Then it was off to grab some lunch. It was so beautiful outside that I decided to take our food to the park so we can eat outside and Mark can play at the playground for a little bit before we had to go to the airport to pick up M.

Michael had another 8am game on Saturday so M and him got going very early while the rest of us were still sleeping. They left at about 6:30.

Matthew's 9am baseball practice got cancelled due to the fog so we walked over to Starbucks. I've always thought about doing this, but was nervous because of the busy traffic, but it was actually a nice walk. We had fun identifying which cars Matthew would like to have when he's old enough to have a car.  He was so dang cute! 

Mark and I shared a yogurt parfait and Matthew enjoyed a cake pop.  Then he wanted some madeleines so I gave him my credit card and he went all by himself to get it. I love these babies!

Michael wants to take band class next year. We had to go see his band teacher and make an instrument selection.  When we got to the school, some of his friends were there and started chanting, "Trumpet, trumpet, trumpet!" when they saw Michael. So it was no surprise that he chose the trumpet. I was hoping for the saxophone, but his hands were not big enough yet.

We had to rush to drop him off at home because Mark and I had to get to Urban Air for Austin's birthday party.  We started jumping in the toddler area, but after a while, he wanted to jump with the big kids.  I saw disaster written all over that one, but thankfully, there was a sweet little boy there who helped me keep watch and played with Mark to make sure he wasn't getting jumped on by the bigger kids.  He had a blast!

And he really enjoyed the birthday cake!

When Mark and I got home from the party, this was what we saw. M gave him a buzz cut! All his beautiful hair - gone.

Our Sunday was a nice and easy one.  The ice "storm" hit and Mark and I made cupcakes while the boys went over to play at their friend's house.  He insisted on giving it a taste.

Then M wanted to go on a walk IN THE ICE.  I thought he was joking. Silly rabbit, you want me to go out in that cold? Then I reconsidered because it was so quiet and peaceful out there.  We bundled up and off we went walking around the lake. It was SO cold, but we had a good walk.

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