Thursday, March 20, 2014

What We Did - Week 11

Day 78 - Wed.
We had so much fun at the Monterey Aquarium!
Day 79 - Thur.
Our last full day in CA.  I didn't take any pictures, but we had a nice relaxing day at home.

Day 80 - Fri.
Our morning started early! we had to be on our way to SFO at 5am. It's always sad to have to say good-bye. Michael looking like a full-fledged tween at SFO.

Day 81 - Sat.
It's good to be home. Michael had a soccer game and Matthew had an awesome time at a friends birthday party.

Day 82 - Sun.
I found this selfie that Michael took of himself and his little bro.  Love these guys.

Day 83 - Mon.
Mark and I went to the mall and we stopped for a pretzel break.

Day 84 - Tue.
I didn't take any pictures today. I dropped Mark off at G-pa's for a couple of hours because I had a PTO meeting to attend and then we went grocery shopping after.

Day 85 - Wed.
We went and had lunch with Matthew.  Mark watched the fish while we waited for Matthew by the cafeteria.

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