Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Trip to California - Week 2

Week 2 was a pretty busy week.  Sandi and Jeff took Michael and Matty to Gilroy Gardens.  When we lived in California, M and I took the boys there a lot.  We had a lot of fun because the rides were perfect for little kids under 10. Matty finally went on the roller coaster this time!

Jeff and Matty on the hot air balloon ride!

M and I had an overnight date and drove to Napa Valley to do some wine tasting. Can you believe that all the years we lived in California, this was our first time to go there with each other?  It was beautiful, of course.  The weather was perfect and the trip was a much needed break for us.  We left all 3 boys with my mom and dad. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

We started at Caymus where we had a private tasting with a few other couples.  That was my favorite tasting because we learned a lot about the wine-making process and...and we got to pose with a gigantic bottle of wine. Haha.

M with some grapevines

We visited Opus One and walked right out when we discovered that the cheapest bottle of wine was $240! But the winery was beautiful.

We stopped by Silver Oak.

After a wonderful day of wine tasting, we went to dinner at Redd and sampled their tasting menu.  Everything was delicious, of course!

When we got back from Napa, we took the boys to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  My brother took the day off and came along with us!

This was the best picture I got in front of the sign.

The jellyfish was one of my fave exhibits

Lunch at Bubba Gump's.  Aren't my babies sweet?

With Kau-Foo

Ice cream sundaes at Ghiradelli's.  Can you tell that M was VERY happy with his?

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