Thursday, July 26, 2012

Welcome, Benjamin!

We are so excited to welcome Benjamin into the world. My first nephew was born Wednesday, July 25 in the morning at 8:46.  He has the trademark "Yam" head (90th percentile).  The rest of his body is in the 50th percentile.  Very similar to Marky and Matthew. He's 18 inches long and weighs 7 lbs., 7 oz. 

I'm bummed that we were not there in person to see him, but we got lots of pictures thanks to iPhone and FaceTime.

He's got the cutest little scrunched up, new born face!  And it's perfectly round! I think he looks a lot like my brother, but I'm sure there are different opinions.  I can't wait to see the pumpkin head in person.

Look at those pouty little lips!

So sweet!

Proud Papa

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