Thursday, July 19, 2012

Matthew at 7 Years Old

So far behind on my posts!  We just got back from visiting my family in California for 3 weeks. I will post about the vacation soon, but I need get to my priority posts.  Matthew's birthday post!  We celebrated his birthday with a pool party with lots of friends and had lots of fun.

It was a pretty simple party.  Get the kids together, provide them with dollar store pool noodles and squirters, serve up some hotdogs and burgers and let them do their thing!  It was also nice that Sarah came and helped with Marky so I can get organized and have some time to talk to our friends.

My little Matthew is 7 years old!  He's as stubborn as when he was six, but I've seen bursts of maturity that I don't even see in Michael yet.  He's very good with watching Marky when he wants to.  He'll be the first to notice that Mark is picking up something to put in his mouth the might harm him. I think he'll eventually be more responsible one.

The number of tantrums have gone down - but unfortunately, the tattling has gone up. But he is still my sweet little boy.  He will spontaneously come up and give us hugs and kisses and tell us that he loves us. He's still my little boy with big emotions - loves hard and fights hard.

He can play on his own for hours - especially with his video games.  I love to watch him role play by himself with his action figures and legos.  He'll make up a whole story line and act out scenes with different voices for different characters.  It's so fun to spy on him playing!

He has gotten a lot taller this year, but not much heavier or bigger.  He weighs 47 lbs. and wears size 4-6 clothes.  He has a pair of swimming shorts that is a size 18 months that he still wears.  No joke, size 18 months.

He learned to swim this year! He doesn't like to put his head under the water and is not a strong enough swimmer to go too long in the deep end yet, but by the end of this summer, I'm sure he'll get there.

He is such a good reader too! We were so happy with him when we got his report card - he got all Es (Excellent) in every subject except for an S (Satisfactory) in Math. I'm such a proud Mamma!

Happy 7th Birthday to my sweet, fun-loving, joke telling little man!  I love you soooo much!

Interview with Matthew Fisher at age 7

What's your favorite color? Red

What's your favorite foods? Salmon sushi and California rolls

What's your favorite subject in school? Science

If you had $20, what would you buy? Pokeman cards, but you knew I was going to say that.

What are you scared of? Nothing

What's your favorite topping on a pizza? Nothing.  I just like cheese, oh, and pineapple and Canadian bacon to make a Hawaiin pizza.

What's your favorite thing to do? Play video games all day

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