Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Fun!

I am so thankful that we are able to escape the TX heat. Apparently, the day we left for CA the temp went up to 108 in TX. Got out of there in the nick of time -ha!

We are enjoying the mild weather here in CA. I'm so excited to be able to spend the next few weeks here.  The boys are so happy to be visiting - their auntie and uncle have lots of stuff planned out for them to do.  Number 1 on Michael's list is the Monterey Bay Aquarium followed by the San Francisco Zoo.  He's dorky like that.  Then I think he wants to go Gilroy Gardens.  Matthew is just content to follow along.  He prefers to stay home and play his Gameboy.  He's nerdy like that.

I can't believe how well Marky is sleeping here. I'm so happy! He wakes up for a feeding and goes back to sleep immediately.  And, he takes great naps without me having to hold him! Keeping my fingers crossed the this continues. He's having fun observing his new environment - always something new to see!

My mom took us to the Flea Market yesterday.  I haven't been to one since I was a little girl, and the boys have never been to one at all.  They loved walking around and looking at all the different things in the stalls.  Michael kept asking to buy a real knife.  Yes, that's going to happen. Matthew just went along with Michael.  Michael convinced Poh-Poh to buy him a couple of coconuts.  He can probably convince her to buy him the knife.

Marky has been eating so well here too.  I had to buy packaged baby food because I didn't want to lug the Baby Brezza with me. He is now eating green beans, squash and bananas. I tried to give him peas, and he spat it out.  After several tries, I went back to bananas.  I'll try again later today.

His second tooth broke through yesterday!  Yay!

I had to take Matty to the Dr. because he had been complaining about an earache since before we got to CA.  He, in fact, does have an ear infection. We got some antibiotics so hopefully his ear will be better soon. The Dr. remarked on how big his head was.  I nearly died laughing on the inside.  His exact words were, "Oh, he has a big head.  Is he OK?"

My Sleeping Beauty

Marky and Poh-Poh


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