Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Recap

Holly Hotness!  The Texas summer is here.  This weekend wasn't too bad, but this week is going to be in the 100s all. Good thing we will be heading to California for 3 weeks!

It has been very nice to have some time off from work because I don't dread Sunday nights anymore.  It use to be that Sunday afternoons are all about getting ready for the week.

M and I dropped Marky off at my in-laws and took the boys to see Brave.  I thought is was good, but M thought it was just OK.  It was a movie about mom-daugter relationship than an actual story like most of the Pixar films.  I guess maybe I liked it better because I can relate to the mother-daughter relationship. I think the boys enjoyed it because there were funny parts for them as well, but I think their favorite thing about going to the movies is the candy and popcorn.

After the movies, their friend JT came over and they played the rest of the afternoon.

Sunday, we met up with the Chens in Richardson for some Dim Sum.  This was probably the best part of my weekend! I love Dim Sum.  I love the company as well, but I've been craving some real Chinese food and it was so good to finally get my fix. Michael and Matthew loves the steamed shrimp dumplings and M's favorite is the baked pork buns.  I love everything!

The girls were so infatuated with Marky.  Lauren and Hannah kept telling us how cute he is. It was so cute to watch. 

We just hung out the rest of the day.  Michael went over to his friend Daniel's house and Matty found ways to entertain himself at home.  He's so independent now.  I love it!

I did some mopping and vacuuming so it was a very exciting weekend for me. Ha!

Lots of swimming going on here.

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