Monday, October 03, 2011

Soccer, Soccer and more Soccer

I am exhausted from this weekend – 4 soccer games and 1 hospital tour, plus all the regular weekend errands. I had planned to do some fall planting, but I was just too tired and took a much needed nap instead. Our wreath is up on our front door, so we are getting there.

Michael started his first 2 games with his new Academy team. On Saturday, he played a great game with his recreation team and scored 3 goals for the Star Jets.

In his 1st game with his Odyssey team, he didn’t do so well. Since it was a much more competitive league, he only got to play a couple of minutes and he looked confused most of the time. In his 2nd game on Sunday, he did much better. He got to play the whole game and did very well. He scored his 1st goal. We were so proud.

We finally took a tour of the hospital where we will be delivery little Mark so we know where to go when I go into labor. This makes me feel better. I will be very happy when we decide on the date to induce. That way there is one less surprise to worry about. My next Dr. appointment is this Wed. so I’m hoping that we can come to a decision then.

The weather was so beautiful this weekend that we spent most of the day outside on Sunday. We are so enjoying our backyard. Kids love to play ball out there and me and M just sit around watching TV, reading and hanging out under our covered patio. We had both lunch and dinner out there on Sunday and I only got bit once on my foot. I’m looking forward to more weekends with this weather!

Michael looks like he's about to poop in his pants!

Matthew decided to try out Michael's baby bowling shirt from when he was a year old. 
Scary thing is that it sort of fits him at the age of 6...

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