Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkin Farm Time

What did we do this weekend? Less soccer than I thought we would have. In fact, Michael mentioned to me that he hasn’t had a chance to play as much soccer as he’d like. One game a week is apparently not enough for him. I had actually braced myself for 3 soccer games, but it turns out that 1 game got cancelled and 2 were at the same time, so we only had one game this week.

Both boys did really well at soccer. Matthew played goalie for a quarter and made some good stops. He also scored a goal, which made me so proud. Michael’s Odyssey team lost their first game this season, but Michael played a fantastic game. In fact, Coach Paddy remarked on how well he played.

It was a pretty quiet weekend. We did go to the pumpkin farm for the boys, but it was a pretty mellow visit. We decided to go a smaller pumpkin farm closer to our house. It was not as exciting and there were not bounce houses, but there was a huge corn maze that Matthew and Michael got to go through. We went around taking pictures and got ourselves a bag of fresh kettle corn. It was delicious!

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