Wednesday, October 05, 2011

35 Weeks

We are 35 weeks pregnant! We’ve decided to plan this one out and have Mark induced on 11/2. M was hoping for 11/1 or 11/11, but those dates did not work out. Hospital policy won’t let us induce before 39 weeks and the doctor says that 11/11 is too far out for induction. Of course, all this might not mean anything because he can decide to come earlier.

I had my Dr.’s appointment this morning and everything looks great. Mark’s heartbeat is at 150bpm and my weight is about 158. I got a little peek at Mark and, oh my, he’s got chubby cheeks. He had his little arm slung across his eyes, but we got a pretty close look at his cute little face. I can’t wait to meet this little man! Just four more weeks.

Matthew is just so excited for his baby brother! He keeps asking me how much longer and says that he’s going to teach him to do all sorts of things. I’m also very excited to see the boys’ reaction to Mark. I have a feeling that they will be bored of him in a couple of days once they realize that he doesn’t do much but sleep, eat and cry.

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