Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Weekend Re-cap

What a busy and fun weekend we had! On Saturday, we met up with my friend and her little boy Alex and made the short trip the Fort Worth Children’s Museum. Michael was such a big boy, trying to take care of Alex. He made sure that Alex didn’t try to run away and held his hand whenever Alex would allow him to. They all had lots of fun playing with all the construction sets. There were train sets, building blocks, pipes and foam blocks. Their favorite exhibit was a plastic tube that blew air out from the bottom so when they place little paper objects in there, the air would blow to through the top. There was also a water play area. The kids had a great time, but I still think that the San Jose Children’s Museum has much more innovative exhibits. The water play area in San Jose is also much bigger and more educational. All they had at Fort Worth were water guns that made some fans turn. No water vortex or water obstacle course.

On Sunday, another friend of mine brought her twin boys over for a play date. The boys got along great swimming, playing the Wii, and of course running around outside and building a “campsite.” It’s nice to be able to have other kids around for the boys to play with. They do fine with just the two of them, but I think they miss having other kids to play with.

Next weekend will be another busy one. Friday night, Michael and Matty have a sleepover planned with the Chen girls. They are so, so excited for their first real-sleepover. On Saturday, there’s a neighborhood round-up where all the kids from around the neighborhood meet by the pool to get to know each other before school starts. Did I mention that this will be the last weekend before my little man starts Kindergarten? Wish me luck!

The only picture I took at the Ft. Worth Children's Museum

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