Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ready For School

Only 13 more days until school starts. In 13 more days, my little man, Matty, will be in Kindergarten and I will officially have school-age children; no more mom to a preschooler. He’s is just so excited to be going to a big boy school. I’m excited for him to experience this new milestone in his life. I’m also little sadden by my school-age mom status, though. Maybe sadden is not the right word, more nostalgic.

School supplies have been bought. Thank you Carroll ISD for making me spend $10 on a pack Mr. Sketch scented markers. And thank you for making me buy 24 mini-glue sticks. No, this is not a typo. 24 mini glue sticks was on the school supply list. Seriously.

The boys also got to choose their own backpacks this year. Actually, Michael chose his backpack and Matty said that he wanted whichever one Michael chose. I’m very happy with their choices and even got them matching lunchboxes. Here are some pictures.  Can you tell they were very happy with what they got?

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