Monday, August 30, 2010

The Boys Take on Cabo San Lucas

M and the boys went on vacation to Cabo San Lucas without me last month. I was a little disappointed, but with all the weddings coming up, I had to save my time off from work. Besides, I had to go on a business trip so the timing was just not right. They all met up with my bro and his lady and had a great time. I'm just posting about it now because I wanted to include some awesome pics.

The boys got to go swim with the dolphins, which was an awesome experience for them. When they were too young to remember (Matty was 2 and Michael was 4), we took them to Grand Caymen and they got to swim and hold stingrays. I’m so glad that we are able to provide them with these opportunities.

Michael got to go parasailing with M. TWICE. M told me that Michael was a little scared the first time, but wanted to do it again. He’s my adventurist one. Loves the thrills like his daddy. This makes me a little nervous because he may ask to go parachuting or bungee jumping any time now. I would have to say a big “heck, no!” Matthew is more my style. He likes his feet planted firmly on the ground.

Mikey on the parasail!

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