Thursday, August 19, 2010

3 Days and Counting

Three more days until the first 1st day of Kindergarten and 2nd grade. The boys are definitely ready. I don’t know if I’m going to be ready because they are being picked up by a bus and being taken to an afterschool program. I’m not a wreck yet, but I think I will be on that 1st day. What if they get left behind at school? It breaks my heart to think about my little babies wondering the empty school, all alone and scared. Or worse, they fall asleep on the way to afterschool and get left on the bus in the 100+ heat? Believe me, I will be calling the daycare center to make sure they are accounted for at exactly 3:20pm on Monday afternoon.

On to less morbid thoughts. The boys have been doing a great job with the practice runs of our morning routine. For 4 days straight, they have dressed themselves before they come out of their room and had their breakfast in a timely manner. No tantrums when we have to leave the house. Hooray! We decide what they will wear, what they will eat for breakfast, and what shoes they want to wear the night before. In the morning, they have to stick with their decisions. So far, so good.

Last night, as I was laying with them before bedtime, Michael had a little “pep-talk” with his little bro and said, “Matthew, you don’t even know how fun Kindergarten is. All you do is play all day.” So the mentoring begins. I am so thankful that my boys look out for each other. I hope that they will continue to do so throughout their lives.

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