Monday, May 08, 2017


Another weekend in the books and another week closer to summer break for the kiddos! We started our morning off early. Michael had to be at the soccer field for his officiating assignment by 8:45. I over slept and had to rush out, but we made it there on time. Yay!

After his 2 games were done, Michael asked me to drop him off at a park so he can meet up with some friends to play volleyball. I told him he can have a couple of hours because he needed to rest up for his soccer game later that evening.

I decided to take the boys to the same park to play while we waited for Michael to finish up his game.

These two can sometimes be so sweet to each other...

It was so nice Sunday morning, Mark and I had our breakfast out on our patio. Me with my coffee and a good book.

Michael had another soccer game Sunday. Since I was going to be busy with Mark and Matthew, he got a ride from a teammate. My middle and little decided to enjoy the beautiful weather with lunch out on the patio at CM.

Then it was time to play some T-ball. Mark had his last T-ball game of the season and probably his last T-ball game for a while because he told me he was done and that it was "a waste of time." This kid is becoming too much like Matthew. Sigh.

His little teammates and Coaches. It was like herding cats...

He wanted to go play in the water after his game so we did...

He's such a cutie!

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